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How do I share my practices?

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in any live sessions this week, but I did manage to watch two of the recorded sessions (Connected Learning and Sharing) and they both got me thinking. I sat down and drew this little map of how I share.


At first I thought I really don’t share at all (see my previous post) but after actually thinking about it I realized I do share, but my sharing is more localized or private rather than public. On a daily basis I share with my colleagues (both in my department and across the school). I regularly meet with a district learning team, I have presented within our district for years at various pro-d sessions. I have presented in a number of districts across the province and at our provincial science teachers conference. But these are really ‘closed’ groups. You either have to know me or be connected to me in some way. It’s not possible to just ‘stumble’ upon these sharing pieces.

I do have a few things on-line, however they were mostly put there by others. Science World collected and shared presentations from a conference. I shared with a teacher (@gooomanji) in our district who creates a digital newsletter (Bright Idea Gallery) and a website. Our Ministry of Ed grabbed my work from his website. So really, I didn’t share, I just let someone else share about me.

What I realized is that I am already sharing, which means it should actually be easier than I thought to share more publicly. I can take what I’m already sharing and change the venue or format, but I have the content ready to go. I feel like I am such a beginner here!

The other part of the sessions that really resonated with me was Dean Shareski’s point about ‘sharing a draft’. Everything is a work in progress, even if I’m making it public.


How do I share my learning?

I just participated in the introduction session on collaborate. It was really cool. I loved the interaction (although mine was minimal as I’m home with a baby). We were left with two questions, both of which I wish I had different answers to.
How do I share my learning?
I don’t. Not really. I share with colleagues. I share with learning teams in my district. I have shared at many pro-d sessions, both in district and outside. But these are all ‘private’. I’m not putting myself out there much. I’m not using the sharing to push myself. I’m hoping I can share more. By sharing more I will learn more. I guess one of my learning goals for etmooc is to learn how to share publicly, and to start doing it.
How do I contribute to the learning of others?
My answer here is probably even worse than the last one. I have commented on blogs occassionally. I have had a few conversations on twitter, although mostly I lurk. I do work really well with my colleagues. In fact there are a few of us at my school who really push each other’s learning. But ‘a few of us’ isn’t much. I could do better.
So rather than feeling bad about my answers, I’m going to use this etmooc blog to change my answers. Or at least that will be my goal for the next 10 weeks. If I do it successfully it will become a habit in that time. Right?

Introductory Activity

Hello Everyone

Well, so far so good.  I’ve got a blog going, I uploaded a really short video (first time ever) and now I’m typing a blog.  I have no idea what I’m doing!

My name is Aliisa, I’m a teacher in Coquitlam, BC.